Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trisockalon news with unrelated but very cute puppy photo

I've been knitting like a fiend on Sleepy Hollow sock #2, since sock #1 will become sock #3 and I'm feeling some pressure. I've swatched for a second pair of socks, but I don't think I will get two pair done - although I may have knit 4 socks by the end of the Olympics!

The yarn for pair 2 is also from Knitpicks, lovely Gloss Sock with wool and silk. It's squooshy and lovely to knit!

Clyde has been a wonderful foster pup. He's a funny doggy dog, with lots of energy and an ability to be michievous without being too naughty. Last night, I woke from a deep sleep because of a strange ringing thump in the bathroom where Clyde was supposed to be sleeping. I went to check on him, and he had somehow managed to knock a metal trash can off the bathroom counter into his kennel. I had taken the top of the kennel, because he was using it to climb on the counter to look for new toys.

Clyde pretended he knew nothing about the trash can. As it would seemly nearly impossible for a 6lb pup to reach an 18" pop-top trashcan on a 36" counter, I couldn't scold him. He would have given me that "Are you crazy, nice lady?" look, and I would have had to agree it seemed highly improbable. He was completely ready to play, which was a problem because we'd been up until 1am and it was only 5:33am. We went to the toy basket and found some new toys, and I put him back in the bathroom, hoping he would amuse himself.

Clyde, soon to be Scoutmaster Clyde Hale, has his surgery Tuesday and goes to his new home Wednesday. My whole family will miss him. He's a keeper. I'm glad we know the Hales and can get Scout updates - I expect there will be many good stories!

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