Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mercy, Percy!

I have been knitting like a fiend on the Percy shawl. Made it through chart A eight times, threaded a lifeline through the last row of purls, took a deep breath, and started chart B...

And had to tink row 2. I forgot the even rows were patterned, not just purled, and had made it happily 3/4 through row 2 before I realized what I was doing. Then I read the chart backwards on row 2, because on chart A it didn't really matter. After thinking about what I was trying to do, I figured it out and made a cheat sheet for the k2tog/ssk and p2tog/ssp, depending on if I'm on the right or left center of the shawl. I highlighted every 2dec either orange or yellow to make the chart even easier to read.

I've had a few scares, when I ran out of stitches or had too many and couldn't see why. I had to tink a couple rows more than once because I lost a stitch among the k2tog, YO bit, and wasn't far along enough to see the pattern. It's gotten a bit easier/quicker, but I still refer to my cheat sheet and make sure I'm thinking and watching what's happening.

I'm on row 24 of Chart B; with the fine, fine yarn and teeny, tiny needles I'm using, I will get to do several repeats!

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