Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures: Silk on Wires and more Percy

I finally took photos tonight.
My recycled silk Dandy neckerchief is on my Fleet Farm blocking wires. I don't have a spray bottle, so I haven't really blocked it, but it is being stretched. The garter edge is not wired, only the sides, and I haven't figured out how to hold my blocking wires down. Maybe on my old cutting board? The wires, 4 feet of 1/8" stainless steel, are a bit thick but seem to be working well.

The Percy shawl is a really rewarding knit.
It's so light and lovely. The Harmony yarn color changes are subtle and slow - it's like knitting a sunrise, the color change is so gradual. Didn't make much progress tonight, but look forward to getting through the first repeat (of several, no doubt) of chart B.

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  1. Are the Fleet Farm blocking wires a recent creation? I don't remember hearing about them.