Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#2 begun, photo of sexy sole

I cast on Sleepy Hollow #2 during the women's snow cross tonight. I was not 100% happy with the stretchy long-tail cast on I used on sock #1, and actually considered using a different cast on. Instead, I cast on to a 0 dpn, and then slid the stitches on to my 9" circular 0.

Note to self: Do not cast on to your 9" circular! The needle tips are just too short to get an consistent row of stitches.

Now that I've figured that out, all I have to do is unravel sock #1 and fix the cast on... heh, no I'm not that crazy. I will just have show off my socks from mid ankle, and make sure my pants cover the mismatched cast-ons. Or wave my sexy heels and soles at everyone... "pay no attention to the sloppy cast on!"

I am going to flip through my sock pattern stash (yes, I have a pattern stash) and find a pattern for socks #2. It may take a while, because I have a few years of magazines plus my binderful of Knitty and other free downloads to browse through.

I visited the Vogue Knitting site the other day, because Khi gave me a VK subscription for Xmas. They have a 3D viewer for the last year or so's patterns, and it's very cool! Sometimes photos just don't do the knitted item justice - sometimes the photos are just too Vogue. I will have to go back to find the sock pattern that completely wowed me on the website - I know I barely glanced at in the magazine, so it might be hard to spot.

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