Friday, February 5, 2010


Percy is a bit of a brat. Just when I think I have him figured out, he pulls the wool over my eyes. Last night, despite preparedness, focus, and confidence, I could not for the life of me make row 0 follow row 31.

I puzzled and puzzed 'til my puzzler was sore, and finally ended up pulling my life line out (eek!), tinking back to row 27, and trying to start row 0 from there. Nope. I reread the pattern. No help. I counted squares and symbols. Nothin'.

After much knitting, tinking, gnashing of teeth and so on, I took a pen and drew the row 0 symbols above row 31. Even this took a few attempts - I had apparently lost my ability to count in the struggle - but finally, I had scribbled, inky proof that row 0 would flow from row 31...

At 11:45pm. Doubledagnabit.

I had to reknit the 4 rows I tinked, and knit row 0. Had to. It would have been wrong to drop beautiful (if tinky) Percy in the middle of a row, with yards of rewound cobweb on my lovely ball of Harmony yarn. I wanted, needed a fresh start when I came back today.

Shortly before 1am, row 0 had been knit onto row 31. I believe somewhere an angel got her wings, or at least kicked some imp's ass for me. Maybe I should take her lead, and dump Percy in the basket of unknittables 'til he improves his attitude.

Or maybe just keep knitting. Aha! That'll show 'im.

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