Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Sleepy Hollows

My Sleepy Hollow socks are done! The third sock was easy peasy - I'll have to keep that in mind for future sock knitting, I guess.

I am wearing the socks now, because I had to take a photo and they are so sweet on my feet, I don't want to take them off. They will definitely debut tomorrow for a full day's wear.

Since I finished darning in my ends at 7:30pm, I had time to finish a good circular swatch for my next Olympic sock. Yes, I am only committing to finishing one Merino Lace sock! After all, I've knit 3 socks already, thanks to SH sock 1's reincarnation as sock 3. Maybe I can tear through both socks, but I'm not sure if I want to do a SH heel or the heel as directed - I haven't read through the pattern past the leg.

In Clyde news, he has come through surgery well. A little stoned, but as a result more cuddly than usual. He and Harley still managed to raise a ruckus tearing up their favorite stuffed bunny. Harley loves Clyde, of course, because he is a total softy about puppies. Sometimes I feel like a baaaaad master, always bringing home new doggy siblings and then getting rid of them. When a puppy disappears to its new home, Harley gives me the stink eye and acts suspicious for a couple days. I am certain he figures his days are numbered, too.

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