Monday, February 15, 2010

1 down, 1 to go plus bonus photo!

Sleepy Hollow sock #1 is done! Kitchnered the toe while watching the pair skating. I kitchnered it twice, actually, after getting distracted by the awesome skating and ending up with three stitches on my back needle and only one on the front. Oops. I should have found my fave Kitcher instructions, but I just went with what I had handy.

I am very happy with the fit. The leaf pattern opens up for just a little laciness, but it's still very cozy. The heel is very comfy and just looks cool.

Now I have just realized that it's very, very difficult to take pictures of your own feet - at least in an attractive way that shows of the sole of your new sock. The boys are in bed; I will have one of them photograph my single sock tomorrow. I'm not sure what's on the Olympics for tomorrow, but I will probably be casting on sock #2.

If I can finish this sock in a timely manner, I will cast on another pair of socks -- it's not like I lack yarn, patterns, or skinny needles!

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