Monday, February 22, 2010

Knitting Monday

Monday means knitting lunch, and today I brought my Sleepy Hollow sock instead of my usual Mohair Monster.

The mohair monster has been my project forever, because I have to knit eight short rows for every one row in length. I love the spirally effect, but it's not speedy.

Today, though, was all about Sleepy Hollow. Sock 2 is done, and pretty spiffy. When I started knitting at noon, I'd almost finished joining the turned heel back to the gusset, so I showed the sexy heel off to my knitting buddies.

Pamdear and TrinKnitty also took a turn with the 9" sock needle, and TrinKnitty took photos. Yes, there is a needle between my fingers! I have large hands and the needle tips are less than 2" long, but it's comfortable for me. It felt claustrophobic for T., and P. had to adjust her knitting style. I am just happy with having only one needle to worry about, even though I can not use my usual picking style . Instead, I throw my knit stitches left handed (the way I always purl). There just isn't enough needle tip to hang on to to make the picking comfortable.

I should be able to finish Sock 3 tomorrow, and then I will start my second pair of socks (without really hoping to finish them before the Olympics end). While I'm longing to use my Signature needles for the Merino Lace socks, I have only size 2.25mm and 2.5mm, and I should really use 2mm to get the gauge correct. I've got a circular swatch going on the 2.25mm Signatures; I'm going to knit another inch and measure it. While I expect it will be off by a half stitch at minimum, it may work fine for my large feet! The Signatures are so sleek and pointy - it would be a joy to knit a pair of socks on them!

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