Saturday, February 13, 2010

Opening Ceremony: Knitting Olympics

I decided to knit socks for the Yarn Olympics, as finishing socks is usually difficult for me. I'm using Knit Picks kettle dyed Essential, and actually bought a sock pattern, Sleepy Hollow, because Yarn Harlot lured me into it. A heel with no stitches to pick up? I am all over that. I love the leaf patterned leg, too. I get to use my circular sock needle for the first time, a HiyaHiya bamboo beauty, size 2mm. It's a trifecta of fun with stash usage, tool usage, and pattern! Yeeha!

I made it through the ribbing and one pattern repeat on sock one while watching the opening ceremonies.

I might have knit faster if Khi and I hadn't decided to play a drinking game. We took a drink every time Bob Costas said something smarmy, stupid, or obvious. I had finished a bottle before the athletes' entrance was 1/3 over... I was taking small sips; Khi was on his second drink. I think I finished 3 drinks before Bob starting pausing to watch the drama. It was a good opening ceremony!

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