Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rainy day update

I snuck in a test knit amidst all the square knitting. Marguerite is a lovely, quick baby top. It's knit from the top down, no seams, and uses less than 200 yards of sock yarn. It's completely sweet. I used a cotton/superwash wool, so it should be comfy to wear and easy to wash. I'm very happy with it, even if I knit it about 2" longer than necessary (didn't read the directions as carefully as I should have).

I signed up for another baby project, another test knit, this time for drop-seat long johns. Way. Too. Cute.

I'll have to check my stash for the yarn, though. I don't have loads of worsted weight yarn, and I want something washable and girly. Hot pink? Purple? Oh yeah! I'm doing the 6 month size, so I will have a Xmas gift for Captain all ready to go, before she is even born! Am I the best auntie, or what?

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