Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to Leaves Dancing

With my Corona sweater done, it was time to look over the UFOs in my Ravelry projects list. It was a surprisingly short list, and not just because I sometimes randomly cast on and don't start a project page.

Leaves Dancing has been in limbo since January - so long I had forgotten where I left off! Since the pattern is in German, and I had scratched down only rough notes about the different symbols, it was hard to figure out where I was on the charts. It was tricky remembering what I had been doing for the edge stitches... and for the decreases!

I carefully frogged back a couple rows after realizing I couldn't find my place on the chart because I had made a mistake and my stitch count was off. With a fresh start, though, things have been moving smoothly. The pattern is easy to read, and progresses pretty quickly.

I'll be doing several repeats of the second chart, because my yarn is very fine, and I want a nice big shawl. I have lots o' yarn, so I'll just keep going until I can't stand it anymore.

The other UFO in my projects list is actually an un-started object. I've tried several time to work the first charts of the 2011 KALendar, but my yarn and needles just won't cooperate, and I end up with a wonky bunch of loops that resembles nothing.

I have other projects in mind, including a summer sweater knit from my stashed blue bamboo, and another baby project or two, but right now I just have a couple washcloths from my favorite pattern in the works.

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