Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More but the same

I finished the Debbie Bliss "Ribbed Baby Jacket" in two days. It was a completely satisfying knit. The cotton yarn was plush and easy to work with. The pattern was clever enough to keep me interested but easy enough to not fret over. The resulting sweater is precious. All good.

Looking over my projects, though, I seem to be in a rut. A quadrangular rut. I just started a baby blanket: knit on the bias, but progressing to squareness. I am knitting facecloths: squareness. I am toiling sporadically on my lacy Batkus: (mostly) rectangular.

At least "Leaves Dancing" will only be half a square.

I really need to find something that requires shaping, or fiddliness, or something. Socks? Do I hear the siren song of socks? Hmmm...

I'll let that percolate, along with the bamboo dress, and test knit a lacy baby top for Captain out of some Sockotta that I've had longer than I can remember. Should be a quick knit.

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