Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recycled Silk Shawl

I have been knitting steadily on my second Dandy Neckerchief, this time out of recycled silk yarn that I scored off e-bay a while back.

Love the Dandy pattern (free off Ravelry, did first in blueberry alpaca) I didn't like the original Dandy cast on - it was too loose - so I changed it:

CO 3 using long tail cast on
Row 1 (ws) K1, K-P-K in second stitch, K1
Row 2 (rs) start following pattern on 5 stitches as written.

I brought the silk scarf in today for Pamdear's opinion: bind off or knit through one more skein? We took a walk through the tunnels of Moos, and draped it over the black baby grand piano in the hospital lobby. The scarf needs another skein (duuuuh). It's amazing how asking for a second opinion makes things so OBVIOUS. It was all but screaming for another skein. Luckily, I have two.

I should be able to finish it tonight; maybe Khi and I can hit the hardware store for blocking wires while Sandman swims. I will have to block then spritz, according to my silk yarn blocking research.

The yarn diet is getting harder. I am jonesing for some new stash. Better cast on something sumptious (Artfibers yarn?) or ridiculous (another dog sweater from my recently returned booklet?) before I give in!

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