Thursday, January 28, 2010

An especially good cast off...

I bound off the silk shawl tonight, using EZ's sewn cast off because:

1. it was in the first reference-type book (Knitter's Almanac) that I picked up;
2. it read "Especially good for garter-stitch";
3. there was only one other cast off listed; and
4. there were two drawings, a and b, showing exactly how to stick the needle through the stitches.

That's fate, baby. No need to browse through my here and there library, no need to wonder if it was the right cast off for a garter-edged shawl.

As fate would have it, it was perfect, and not at all difficult: cut yarn long, working from right to left take need from right to left through 2 st, then left to right through 1 st and slip st off needle; repeat until all the stitches are gone. Especially good looking cast off!

There's just enough stretch that I am not worried about blocking. The only drawback was the recycled silk yarn, which did not enjoy being pulled back and forth through 131 stitches. It shred and clumped in a couple places, but again, I just twisted it back together and all was well.

Blocking this weekend, since I have not yet perused my local hardware store for lace blocking wires.

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