Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before the weekend: New pups and new projects

This weekend we are headed up north to hang out with the Clan, my husband's mom's family. I would never call my family a clan - we are more of a loose tribe at best - but the Clan like to gather and do stuff together. I'm not sure who will be at the cabin this weekend, but it will probably three or four times the relatives that I could muster from my side of the family! I will be packing knitting projects shortly.

I started the Equinox lace t-shirt earlier this week. It is proceeding well and although the yarn is splitty as heck, drapes nicely and feels good to knit. I've decided I need to pack a more portable, basic knit, too. I have a couple balls of pink Maizy that could be something. Footies or socks? The corn fiber is combined with 18% elastic, so socks could work, but I would have to swatch tonight. I'd be better off with a scarf or simple shawl. Another Dandy Neckerchief? I do lurve that pattern! I have a couple skeins of a lilac sage cotton/wool that would look could be a Springtime Bandit or maybe a Friday scarflet... OK, I will have to swatch tonight!

While we are out of town, J&J will be house and dog and puppy sitting. Yep, they agreed to sleep over and watch Harley and Machi, and since I agreed to foster without really thinking about our calendar, they also get to hang with Drew and Simon, a combined 6lbs of terrier-chihuahua pup. Yes, they are kinda ugly. I am hoping they are just a little worse for wear from the shelter, and that some generous helpings of love and kibble will help that fill out. Drew (below right) is a sweetheart, spunky and cuddly.

Simon, who outweighs his brother by almost a pound, has obviously been the watchful older brother. He's a little anxious and needs to mellow out. He's learning his name, and learning to jump around less, and relaxes more quickly on my lap after just a few days. I'm sure he'll be fine!

I hope J&J also be fine with a household of pups - they currently own one cat. I have written two full pages of doggy instructions, though, so hopefully all will go well. Pinch sitter Shamrock will be bringing former fosters Cal and Finn to hang out Saturday afternoon, as J&J have an all-day commitment. That will a full house: only 60 lbs of dog, but 24 legs! I wonder if Cal and Finn will remember their puppy days here, when they weighed only 1.5 lbs each and lived in my bathtub with their sister Erie? I'm sure Harley will remember them. Harley loves his puppies.

So, what have I been knitting? I knit two more bibs for my cousin's twin boys, but couldn't get them in the mail in time for her shower last weekend. I will knit a few more bibs and send out a half dozen.

I finished a Sweet Lily shawl with my leftover Harmony. This is a great shawl, knit in wedges. IK gives directions to design your own wedge shawl; I plan to experiment with some of my favorite lace patterns and do another shawl. I'm on a lace jag, what can I say!?

I completely frogged my huge Fiddlesticks "Peacock Feathers" shawl, that I knit to about row 250 of the edging chart before determining that no, I didn't have enough yarn. I was knitting on US4s, I'll drop to US2s and restart, because it's a lovely pattern and I really want to finish it. It's not vacation knitting, however. I have another Fiddlesticks kit that might do the trick.

So many options, so little time to plan! Hopefully I will find a good project and be able to post it next week. Happy Fourth of July weekend!

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  1. Oh those pups are so cute! My co-worker has 3 chihuahua mixes and she is smitten! She says those boys match 2 of her dogs. We both hope they fins happy homes!

    24 legs and 60 pounds! Wow!